In Claycro Engineering & Services we intend to act as an extension of the operating arm of telecom operators, making support for tasks such as:

Engineering surveys and assembling according to site.

Civil and electrical preparation. Concrete bases for equipment placements, ducts, wiring.

Tower assembly.

Telecommunications equipment installation like cellular radio-based, mirowave, routers, switches,fiber transmission equipments,  antennas and satellite devices with its pointing among other.

Basic software and hardware on site configurations (settings of IP and basic services) for management system integration settings.

Clean Ups. Changes in wiring, grounding corrections, de-installation and removal of equipment and its return to the corresponding warehouse.

Hardware growths: Aggregates cards and accomplish configurations according to  site engineering.

General services from remote computers, software upgrade , performance monitoring and reporting of post changes, configurations of pre agreed engineering services. 

Tower services: Antennas adjustments, amplifiers changes.

Optical fiber runs: Aereal and  underground fiber optic installations. FTTH Installations.

      Maintenance and repair existing fiber optic network, installations of Joint Closures Box, Bypass, ODF's, among other tasks.

Site maintenance: civil and electrical maintenance, tower services , adjust cellular and microwave antennas, beaconing.

      rutinary tasks, refill  combustible for generators, battery status review and corrective maintenance.
      Security cameras maintenance, green spaces, perimeter fences, wire fences.
      Improvements access roads to sites with the assistance of machines (Loaders, backhoe loaders, Bobcats, etc.).
      Air conditioners reparis and refrigeratiosn gas refill if necessary.
      preventive and corrective service on generators such as oil changes, oil air and fuel filter changes, simple mechanical repair such as changing belts.
     General maintenance task like site painting or repairs.

Other services: Are negotiable.