Machinery Rental
In Claycro Ingenieria y Servicios, we give a complete solution to your needs, we provide rental service of  a large variety of big-sized, medium-size machines, needed for civil infrastructure, mining and others.

Among the common tasks are:

Improving access roads.

Cleaning channels.

Ditch digging for water pipes, gas, electricity, fiber optics.

Levelling and soil movement on land for further deployment of services and or constructions.

Cleaning and clearing of virgin land.

Build concrete foundations , lifting columns and towers.



Except in special cases, the rental service is done with operator included.
The variety of machines readily available are:

Backhoe loaders simple and 4x4 traction.
Trucks chargers.
Truck punting.
Availability of support vans 4x2 & 4x4 traction.

Claycro has a repair shop associated hydraulic machines, "Hidraulica HC", making it possible jobs that require long periods of rent, high availability and reliability of our equipment.

We perform rentals per hour, weekly, monthly as well as for scheduled work.