For electrical networks, we work in a wide range of services  for public and private sector.


Ø  Electrical installations of low and medium voltage networks, deployed aerial and underground ways.

Ø  Public and private lighting of avenues, squares, buildings,among others.

Ø  High power transformer stations assembly.

Ø  Certified grounding connections.

Ø  Installations of lightning conductors.

Ø  Electrical high power installations, electric boards, generators.

Ø  Civil works associated with the deploymont of electrical installations.

Ø  Projects, Surveys, Assessments and  Electric Guidance.

Ø  PREVENTIVE and CORRECTIVE MAINTENANCE of Electrical facilities.

Ø  Building of industrial electrical boards ( High power control, PLC, Timers, switches).

Ø Installation of equipment for renewable energy, wind energy, photovoltaic cells, batteries, inverters 48vDC to 220VAC and associated control equipments.


The staff meets the periodic courses and standards of electrical and physical security required by EJESA, security is one of our pillars for doing succesful business.